So You Wanna Bet on NFL Games This Season – Read This

It’s only been about few weeks since the official NFL season started, but there’s been plenty of action. Learning how to bet on all of the games is critical if you want to win money, as well as save money. It’s true: a lot of people end up spending big money on the games, but not in the way they intended. They make key mistakes at the beginning that rob them of the bankroll that they deserve. If only there was a straightforward way to bet on the games without setting yourself up for failure, losing your shirt, and getting discouraged in the process.

There truly is such a way, and it’s going to be highlighted in this guide. Read on!

First and foremost, realize that there are three main ways to bet on the games. You can use the point spread method, the moneyline, or the over/under totals. Each way has its pros and cons. If you go with the point spread, you’re getting low levels of risk mixed with simplicity. The odds are decent, and you end up with a chance to win some money.

You usually have to lay down $11 to win $10, which is expressed as -110 odds.  The moneyline bet method gets rid of the point spread completely and just uses the favorite against the underdog. If you want to bet on the favorite, you’ll have to put down more money. But if you want to bet on the underdog, you can bet less and actually win a lot more. This is why you need to consider underdogs a bit more carefully to see if they’re worth it.

There’s also the totals method, which is the total points in the game by each team combined into one figure.

There are fun bets that are called prop bets, and then you have things like futures. Futures betting isn’t for the faint of heart, so make sure that you focus on more straightforward types of bets if you really want to get money in hand.

We’ll use the point spread for the rest of this article. Let’s say that you want to bet on a game coming up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. Currently in this season, the Broncos are the higher team.

If you went to an online sportsbook, you’d probably see this for a point spread:

Kansas City Chiefs +8.0 -110
Denver Broncos -8.0 -110

Notice the plus sign in front of the Chiefs’ number. This means they’re the underdog, and you get 8 points added to their score to make them even with the Broncos. So basically, to win the wager your team has to have more points than the other team after you’ve added the “free” points to the final score. That is how you win the point spread in a nutshell.

It’s quite possible to use your own reasoning and a little luck to win bets. You can find online sportsbooks that will let you make smaller wagers, letting you get your feet wet before you have to make larger bets. But once you see how easy it is to win extra side money, you’ll want to bet on all of the games.